TetraLite Kites
Plans for ultra-lightweight, collapsible, multi-cell tetrahedral kites

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Sequence showing how TetraLite Kites collapse into a flat package for transport and storage:

Collapsing the 34-cell TetraLite kite

This series of pictures above (left to right top to bottom), shows the 34-cell model being collapsed for transportation. One end of each spreader stick is disconnected, allowing the kite to be collapsed. This proceedure takes just about 2 minutes with experience on this size kite. The wingspan of this kite is 7 feet 2 inches. It collapses to a 3-foot equilateral triangle about 2 and 1/2 inches thick. To set up the kite, this proceedure is reversed. Set-up time is about five minutes. Click <here> for animation. (Model 34)

Model 34 launch

This is the same 34-cell kite pictured above, being launched. No running! Just stand in one spot and let it out! It glides backwards rapidly, then rises when tension is applied to the line. For this model, around 3 or 4 mph is enough for an easy launch. In no wind it can still be launched if the line can be paid out and brought in fast enough, if a breeze is thought to exist higher. (Model 34)

A 10-cell regular
tetrahedron kite.
(Model 10)

These two pictures (above) are really the same 10-cell kite! On the left, oversize "spreaders" are installed. On the right, standard length spreaders are used. (Model 10K)

(Model 7)

This 12-cell kite is like the Model 7
with 5 cells stacked on top.
(Model 12)

A variation on the Model 10K using six 1-foot spreaders and four 18-inch spreaders. This is the same kite pictured above!  (Model 10K)

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